Pocket Gallery was born from a desire to immerse myself in art on a daily basis. For too long art has been a treat for me on those rare days away from the daily grind when there’s nothing ‘more important’ to do. But I ask you, what’s more important than caring for your own well being? Our time on this earth is fleeting, so we should dedicate it to surrounding ourselves with the people and things that we love, the things that give our lives meaning.

It all started with an Instagram page as a tool to connect with the contemporary artists of today, irrespective of where I was geographically, and catalogue the pieces of their work which I found most inspiring and humbling. Instagram hosts a vast wealth of talented artists from around the globe; painters, sculptors, illustrators, graphic artists, the list goes on. It quickly developed a small but dedicated following which grows in numbers day by day. It is deeply rewarding to see the art I admire appreciated by so many, and in turn, assist in strengthening the following of such talented artists.

By curating this blog and exhibiting my thoughts and discoveries across a number of social media portals I hope to connect with an even greater audience in the art world; from teachers to gallery owners, collectors and fellow art lovers. I aim to inspire, unite and encourage more individuals like myself to make time for a daily dose of art in their lives.