Doddington Hall’s Sculpture Exhibition

I’ve discovered a slice of heaven. If, like me, you enjoy contemporary sculpture and could happily wander around a sunny garden hour after hour, then you need to visit the sculpture exhibition in the gardens at Doddington Hall, Lincolnshire. It’s the third time this biennial sculpture exhibition has taken place, curated by David Waghorne the director of Sculpture Events Ltd. The exhibition features work by … Continue reading Doddington Hall’s Sculpture Exhibition

In constant flux with Greg Harris

Self Portrait (2015) For many years Greg Harris refused to define himself as a painter, choosing instead to modestly describe himself as “an average-skilled draughtsman who dabbles in any medium.” It wasn’t until 2012 when he joined an artist’s studio in Leicester that he began to experiment with oil paints and fell in love with the medium. When asked how painting makes him feel four years … Continue reading In constant flux with Greg Harris

The elephant in the room: Cause and Effect at the NCCD

Meandering through the streets of Sleaford lined with quaint old shops and eateries I came across the National Centre for Craft & Design perched on the banks of the River Slea. There aren’t many museums or galleries I know of that you can opt to reach via a tiny bridge. Even fewer with a rooftop gallery and two outdoor observation decks, from which you can … Continue reading The elephant in the room: Cause and Effect at the NCCD

Building dreamscapes with David Umemoto

David Umemoto admits he was forced to burn many bridges with his past in order to build himself a career as a sculptor today. David worked as an architect for a firm in Montreal, Canada, before going freelance for the best part of 10 years working mostly on 3D computer graphics and architectural design for institutional projects such as schools and hospitals. The work was extensive, pedantic and … Continue reading Building dreamscapes with David Umemoto