Art in the heart of Bawtry

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When I made the decision to write the Pocket Gallery blog, I had no idea that a major move for art and culture was about to take place at the very heart of my hometown. Bawtry is a small market town in the south of Yorkshire, full of quaint boutiques and a thriving nightlife, surrounded by a tight-knit community.

For the past three years Ruth Warsman, curator of Limited 2 Art, has been quietly planning to transform the iconic old town hall into one of the largest independent galleries in the north of England. After weeks and weeks of blood, sweat and tears the gallery celebrated the move this morning with a P.R. spectacle, before opening for business on wednesday, and I was honoured to have been invited to attend the event.


At 11:15am friends and family gathered outside the old premises of the gallery in Bawtry’s courtyard and formed a human chain across the centre of town to the doors of the new Limited 2 Art gallery.

Small paintings and sculptures were then passed along the human chain, attracting the attention of many curious locals and visitors alike. Once every item was delivered into the gallery’s open arms Ruth invited us inside to see the fruits of her labour and I know everyone I spoke to was completely blown away by the transformation.

The imposing glass frontage revealed a large ground floor gallery space with striking black walls and strategic spotlights leading to a screening area, framing space and private viewing area at the rear. A staircase leads up to the mezzanine area of the gallery displaying more fantastic contemporary artworks, many un-seen by Limited 2 Art regulars until now.


The vastness of the space has allowed the gallery to branch out and discover new art as well as display even more work by the talented artists it already features. I was particularly drawn to the vibrant cityscapes of Nigel Cooke, the soft nudes of Adam Hornsby, and the energetic waves of David Chambers’ ships at sea.

Ruth gave an emotional speech thanking her amazing team; Rob, Lindsey, Sue and Nicky, not forgetting her ever supportive husband and all who came to celebrate the opening.

There are several exciting events in the pipeline for the gallery including a Q&A with artist Chris De Rubais! Keep your eyes on and the gallery’s facebook and twitter pages for event details. The official opening of the gallery will take place on Saturday 23rd July. I’ll see you there!

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