A voyage to the You Beaut Country with John Olsen

Seafood Paella (2007) Where would you go if you only had one day in Melbourne?  That’s the question we had to ask ourselves before a whistle-stop tour of the city last month.  We were staying with friends about halfway between Melbourne’s central business district and the Yarra Valley region.  The reason for our fleeting visit? A wedding.  An eye-watering, breathtaking, totally worth the sleepless 36 … Continue reading A voyage to the You Beaut Country with John Olsen

Vital : Not Vital at YSP

Moon (2015) The Yorkshire Sculpture Park in Wakefield is currently hosting the first major UK exhibition by world renowned sculptor Not Vital, reinforcing its already glowing reputation as a centre of both national and international importance in the world of modern and contemporary sculpture. This exciting exhibition features works in the Underground Gallery, Garden Gallery and 500 acres of breathtaking open air at YSP. Born in 1948 … Continue reading Vital : Not Vital at YSP

Editions and Objects : St Jude’s at YSP

Autumn Table – Emily Sutton It’s impossible to be disappointed by a trip to the jewel that is the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in West Bretton, Wakefield. There’s always something to enjoy and inspire whether it be in one of the many indoor galleries or in the 500 acre outdoor sculpture exhibition. In addition to the many sculptors that YSP has exhibited over the years the park continues to celebrate contemporary artists producing work in a … Continue reading Editions and Objects : St Jude’s at YSP

The memory of glass with Gemma Leamy

Ullswater There’s a quality to glass, pure and tantalisingly precious. Perhaps it’s the element of danger. If you’ve ever watched a glass artisan at the furnace, you’ll know it’s tense, blisteringly-hot work. One false move and the piece could be ruined, but succeed and you’ve created something both beautiful and fragile. Crook O Lune Perhaps it comes from our memories. I’m sure almost all of you will … Continue reading The memory of glass with Gemma Leamy

Doddington Hall’s Sculpture Exhibition

I’ve discovered a slice of heaven. If, like me, you enjoy contemporary sculpture and could happily wander around a sunny garden hour after hour, then you need to visit the sculpture exhibition in the gardens at Doddington Hall, Lincolnshire. It’s the third time this biennial sculpture exhibition has taken place, curated by David Waghorne the director of Sculpture Events Ltd. The exhibition features work by … Continue reading Doddington Hall’s Sculpture Exhibition

In constant flux with Greg Harris

Self Portrait (2015) For many years Greg Harris refused to define himself as a painter, choosing instead to modestly describe himself as “an average-skilled draughtsman who dabbles in any medium.” It wasn’t until 2012 when he joined an artist’s studio in Leicester that he began to experiment with oil paints and fell in love with the medium. When asked how painting makes him feel four years … Continue reading In constant flux with Greg Harris

The elephant in the room: Cause and Effect at the NCCD

Meandering through the streets of Sleaford lined with quaint old shops and eateries I came across the National Centre for Craft & Design perched on the banks of the River Slea. There aren’t many museums or galleries I know of that you can opt to reach via a tiny bridge. Even fewer with a rooftop gallery and two outdoor observation decks, from which you can … Continue reading The elephant in the room: Cause and Effect at the NCCD